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Quick briefs, scamps and WIPs. Totally amazing and awe-inducing work just around the corner. 



CHALLENGE: Recruit non-users to immerse themselves in the world of TikTok by showing up in local neighbourhood spots and the greater outdoors in unexpected (but inherently) TikTok ways.


PROBLEM: The target audience (18-24 non users) do not see themselves on the app.


INSIGHT: Food hacks, hot spots and trends are born on TikTok. But if you aren’t on TikTok, you’re already behind the trends. Time to get this TA where it hurts - long lines at trendy places. 


USP: TikTok is where trends are born.


SOLUTION: Activations at trendy locations and eateries, with long lines. Installations and stickers will point out that if the user was on TikTok, they would already know about the spot and not be now waiting in line. 


This campaign would complement the existing social media campaign

Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

CLIENT: The Body Shop


CHALLENGE: Leverage the history of White Musk to champion change in gender equality in Japan. 


PROBLEM: How can we resurrect the message at the core of White Musk and call for change, whilst remaining respectful of Japanese history and culture?


INSIGHT: Capitalise on the Japanese way of ‘reading the air’


Japan is a ‘high context’ country in which communication tends to be indirect and requires a high level of knowledge and awareness of the environment around you. Kuuki o yomu or ‘reading the air’ is the art of being able to read these indirect social cues and messages. 


USP: ‘Read the air’ with a spritz of White Musk 


SOLUTION: Transform White Musk fragrance into the subtle hint and unspoken sign of the gender equality fight in Japan.


Body Shop will collaborate with well known Japanese celebrities and build the campaign through the use of brand spokespeople. Yuko Ayaki, a wellknown model and actress will be the face for the campaign and will communicate how consumers can use White Musk fragrance to convey to others they are allies in the fight for gender parity. 


EXECUTIONS: Print, OOH, store installations, digital and social media.

CLIENT: Nissan


CHALLENGE: Get the Nissan Leaf on the consideration list for urban professionals.


PROBLEM: The relatively high purchase price and the limited network of recharge stations especially beyond the metropolitan areas.


INSIGHT: One investment now will pay big dividends in the future. 


USP: Invest in your future with the Nissan Leaf


Demonstrating how cost effective a charge is, and how over time, a car owner will have both saved thousands of dollars on petrol and saved the environment on CO2 emissions. 


This target audience are already convinced of the sustainable benefits of electric cars - they don’t need to be preached to. This campaign will just serve as a reminder of how being eco-friendly is also friendly on the wallet. 

EXECUTIONS: TV, OOH, Print, Radio, Digital 

Who_Gives_A_Crap_Metrolite (1).jpg
Who Gives a Crap metrolite, 2019
Victorian Government COVID-19 awareness poster, 2020
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