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Connect4Climate x D&AD New Blood Awards Brief

BRIEF: Encourage sporting fans to take action against climate change. 

INSIGHT: With players from the Pacific Islands making up 25 per cent of players worldwide, their impact on rugby union is undeniable. But their homelands of islands such as Tonga, Samoa and Fiji are already feeling the impacts of rising sea levels, and by 2100 30 per cent of the low lying islands of the Pacific will be underwater. 

SOLUTION: We bought the rising sea levels to the stadium. Literally. 

So we didn't win a pencil....but everyone in my social circle had to listen to me recite all my newly acquired knowledge about rugby union for three months. 

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Art Direction & Design: Alastair Langsford & Pip Dolman
Research & Strategy: Charlie Kuster
Strategy & Copywriting: Siann Nutting
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